Singlespeed bike made from a méral frame. Méral was a small french bike factory making good quality bike, when the compagny was sold in 1982, the frame builder from meral Francis Quillon create his own company mondialy know for his quality and unique bike: "Cyfac".
This bike méral bike was complitly refurbish with a new paint and new componants like a carbon fork, to give to this great bike a new life.

Meral.01 Meral.02 Meral.03 Meral.04
Meral.05 Meral.06 Meral.07 Meral.08
Meral.09 Meral.10 Meral.11 Meral.12
Meral.13 Meral.14 Meral.15 Meral.16

Price: 700€